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  • Straxter29 minutes ago
  • Straxter28 minutes ago
    Feeling better, SuSu ?
  • zipster27 minutes ago
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    SurreySunflower wrote:
    19 Jun 2019, 20:11
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    basement5 wrote:
    19 Jun 2019, 19:58
    (rev) IS #1. Best radio on the internet. THANK YOU HAWK 👍🏼
  • SurreySunflower26 minutes ago
    Well... reasonably so. Not been a great day healthwise today but I've done a couple of things :)
  • Straxter25 minutes ago
    mow the lawn? lol
  • SurreySunflower24 minutes ago
    Not quite (gig)
  • SurreySunflower24 minutes ago
    Hold on.. just going to get myself a nightcap. Won't be long :)
  • SurreySunflower11 minutes ago
    Back :)
  • Straxter10 minutes ago
    A nice hot toddie ?
  • SurreySunflower9 minutes ago
    Hot chocolate with some malted milk biscuits :)
  • SurreySunflower9 minutes ago
    How's your day been, my Sweet?
  • Straxter8 minutes ago
    ...and a shot of brandy to render sleep
  • SurreySunflower7 minutes ago
    Nope. Just straight hot chocolate. (smile)
  • Straxter7 minutes ago
    I was nearly washed down the estuary
  • SurreySunflower7 minutes ago
    Rain a bit heavy, was it?
  • Straxter6 minutes ago
    damn straight, Sister !
  • SurreySunflower5 minutes ago
    This is more like a typical British summer... the ones I remember from my youth (scloud)
  • Straxter5 minutes ago
    almost biblical.....Compred to last years summer...geeze
  • SurreySunflower4 minutes ago
    Well, this is the thing. A hot, sunny summer isn't really the norm for us Brits.
  • Straxter4 minutes ago
    ..and it's all coming up from
  • SurreySunflower4 minutes ago
    Of course (gig)
  • Straxter2 minutes ago
    True dat, more fitting the weather given the current political scenario.
  • SurreySunflower2 minutes ago
    I was having this conversation with my Dad the other day. Summers like those in 1976. 2016, etc. are the exception, not the norm.
  • SurreySunflower1 minute ago
    Oh, the current political scenario is a disaster. Bring back the Monster Raving Loony Party and Screaming Lord Sutch, that's what I say... (holidayspirit)
  • Straxterjust now
    Lol....crazy stuff.. The politicians are taking over the asylum

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