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  • SimplyRed77731 minutes ago
    Have been watching this new kid on MarfoogleNews and can grab his video from my cell and transfer it to my TV screen for viewing, much better than the monitor here or the cell
  • SimplyRed77728 minutes ago
    Problem is when I go to that Media Room it toggles me there, but then I lose the chatroom here and have to click on the URL for revolution radio to get back
  • NnitehawkK28 minutes ago
    no wrong
  • NnitehawkK28 minutes ago
    just click the word lobby again and your back to the main room
  • NnitehawkK27 minutes ago
    pretty much eveyr one regular here can help
  • NnitehawkK27 minutes ago
    i gotta roll work to do
  • GerrBear27 minutes ago
    Republicans should stand up to Comey and his tremendous corruption - from the fake Hillary Clinton investigation, to lying and leaking, to FISA abuse, and a list too long to name. The President did the country a service by firing him and exposing him for the shameless fraud he is
  • SimplyRed77725 minutes ago
    NnitehawkK: thank you so much for all you do, other morning I was thinking when you mentioned uou werent making much off the Archives, I almost was going to double my donation for that agenda, just thinking about Boss :)
  • GerrBear24 minutes ago
    (teeth) I just do not know what to say . who's telling the truth? Image
  • SimplyRed77724 minutes ago
    NitehawkK: Have a Good productive day I pray, I love that video of yours "Dec Heartbreak" that makes me cry every time
  • SimplyRed77724 minutes ago
    GerrBear: Oh God that's Grosssssssssssss!!
  • NnitehawkK22 minutes ago
  • SimplyRed77722 minutes ago
    Sarah is a Robot
  • SimplyRed77721 minutes ago
    NnitehawkK: I love your Red sense of humor lol (kiss80)
  • monaradler11 minutes ago
  • Monkey50699 minutes ago
  • NnitehawkK6 minutes ago
    just took this im gonna caption it -- doodee honey we gotta go back i think i forgot to turn off the stove Image
  • NnitehawkK6 minutes ago
    that plane t one serious hard turn
  • NnitehawkK6 minutes ago
    thats the view from my workshop
  • SimplyRed7774 minutes ago
    NnitehawkK: Wow! what a view, just beautiful!! (heart80)
  • SimplyRed7773 minutes ago
    If it wasn't for this radiosite and the thought of gone to Texas I might go off the wagon lol
  • SimplyRed7773 minutes ago
    (tu3) (tu3) (awesome) pic :) (heart80)
  • SimplyRed7772 minutes ago
    Im still very happy, took my Blood test again this Morning just a lil higher but at least 124 not so bad, Im doing pretty good
  • SimplyRed7771 minute ago
    and after the heat spell this last summer, had to stop drinking those Double Fruit Blenders full of sugar
  • SimplyRed7771 minute ago
    a Better Diet is better any day than taking Metformin or Insulin, Not for me

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