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  • TatankaDave32 minutes ago
    Encirclement started with Clinton and onward! Reagan made peace with Russia Bush Sr. did not interfere when the Berlin Wall fell on his watch but Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama encircled the Russians with the Ukraine a headache!
  • sandym32 minutes ago
    the only real power any president ever had is to sway the people... it's all up to us, not the puppets in the whitehouse
  • TatankaDave31 minutes ago
    Sandym Nature's LAW-Land, Air, Water
  • sandym31 minutes ago
    which is why we MUST stop looking at politicians as "leaders" we need to lead them NOT the other way around
  • TatankaDave30 minutes ago
    I am not talking about chem trails or gobal warming!
  • TatankaDave30 minutes ago
    Dealvwith politicians is Appeasement! No freaking way!
  • TatankaDave29 minutes ago
    Casual be an apologist! I give Trump 6 more years we will still have this chat!
  • TatankaDave28 minutes ago
    Avy read about the Tulip Revolution of Holland, interesting!
  • sandym28 minutes ago
    i'm going to watch some hockey.. ttyl
  • casual27 minutes ago
    I had to look up apologist. But I'll do my best.
  • TatankaDave26 minutes ago
    I am a New York Rangers fan since 1969
  • TatankaDave24 minutes ago
    Casual you must find your own path, do not mind what I say, please be a truth seeker! As I said I try to be Objective!
  • UP124 minutes ago
  • TatankaDave23 minutes ago
    Whaddup UP1
  • UP120 minutes ago
    hi TD
  • casual18 minutes ago
  • TatankaDave16 minutes ago
    Hijacker next?
  • UP112 minutes ago
    the moon is flat
  • UP111 minutes ago
    like a big bitcoin
  • Batsman11 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • ZenGarcia5 minutes ago
    hello and welcome
  • TatankaDave4 minutes ago
    Greetings how are you today!
  • ZenGarcia3 minutes ago
    Please be open-minded on this topic everyone we appreciate all of you and hope that you will open yourself to new possibility
  • ZenGarcia3 minutes ago
    Doing well hope you are blessed
  • TatankaDave2 minutes ago
    I am One with the Sun 😃

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