Willow's World - 02/28/2019, Studio A, 2-4pm EST (7-9pm GMT)

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Willow's World - 02/28/2019, Studio A, 2-4pm EST (7-9pm GMT)

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28 Feb 2019, 10:47

Welcome to the Weird Wonder that is the World of Willow Andreasson...

... on this afternoon's show:

The first hour will focus on the day's news headlines from around the World and across the Universe;

The second hour heralds the opening of the doors to the cosy nook that is Willow's Poetry Corner: the Poetry Corner rests its feet after its eventual journey through Tolkien's Shires. Settle on the comfy cushions with a warming mug of cocoa in hand:- we wander into Greener Gardens of Geekdom (Bleeding Cool, Cultbox and IO9.Gizmodo) for Willow's (Extended) End of the Month Geekout: today's Geekout looks at a wide variety of different headlines and stories: From Bleeding Cool: is recent Oscar winner, Rami Malek, bound for a role in the new Bond film? Nintendo comes out with exciting news for avid Pokémon fans, and events surrounding the Co-Creator of 'Black Lightning' and his visit from the Secret Service. From Cultbox: we revisit Russell T. Davies' tenure at the helm of the good ship, Doctor Who. From IO9: some snippets of news about the upcoming last season of 'Game of Thrones', a potential new timeslot for the next series of 'Doctor Who' and a trailer for the exquisite series, 'The Tick';

The comfy cushions are scattered liberally across the deep-pile hearth rugs... the swarthy scent of sandalwood scintillates the senses as the logs smoulder on the open fire... the teas and coffees are freshly brewing... and I welcome you into my humble yet peaceful abode.

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