Spiritual and Beyond

   Host: Tommy Hawksblood

Airs: Friday, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
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Tommy grew up in New Jersey and had his first encounter with a UFO when he was six years old. He then came close to his first alien at the age of twelve. During that time he spent six years working with a deity. He learned Hypnosis from an army hypnotist named Mel Protes, at the early age of sixteen. He began doing Group hypnosis, which led into Past Life Regressions, and later into psychic implant removals. Tommy was also fortunate to work with World renowned mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin. In the late 60's he worked with medium Pat Jordan, in which they did ghost busting in and around New York and New Jersey. He became empathic at the age of twenty-five, and then went into the study of Soul Travel. At that time he began doing energy work.

Danced around the US doing Native dancing. He spent 24 years studying with medicine woman -- Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf -- and a Tibetan Master in the Vajra. He spent many years with an associate doing UFO work at what is called the famous Vortex in Wanaque, New Jersey where they conducted investigations and dealt with beings and creatures from different dimensions. He had his first encounter with a Bigfoot there as well as many other ( creatures ) entities, aliens and UFO's. They were the first to go public filming Orbs in front of people in New York City at the Newlife Expo.

Lectured in NV at a UFO conference and did many radio and TV shows. Lectured with Global sciences congress for a few years. Tommy lectured for the Thunderbirds, Steven Greer?s group, the Edgar Casey group, Global Science conferences, while at the same time doing several Televisions shows. Now completing his third book decided to start his touring around the world over the Internet now.
   Tommy Hawksblood

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